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Aerogenerator Annex to the Hydropower Plant in Villa Los Ángeles (Zaragoza) (Phase I)


Municipality: Quinto de Ebro, Zaragoza
Installed Output: 1.650 kW
Commissioning: May 2008

This small project consists of a wind turbine with an output of 1650 kW, installed some 500 metres away from the existing Villa Los Ángeles Hydropower Plant, on the River Ebro, around 40 kilometres downstream from the city of Zaragoza.

The project was brought into being with the aim of maximising the harnessing of the area’s natural resources and taking advantage of the electrical infrastructures that already exist in order to export the energy produced by the Hydropower Plant.

Following a period of investigation, we discovered that the wind speeds at a height above the river bank was sufficient to be energetically harnessed and also that, in periods of less favourable hydrological conditions, the capacity of the electrical infrastructures was being underused, due to the lower production levels of the Hydropower Plant.

This led us to consider the present project, which represents a rational harnessing of the natural resources available in this area, the county of Ribera Baja del Ebro, while minimising environmental impact in all of its aspects.

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